Francis Testa, the author of “EVE”, studied to be a Catholic priest for 6 and half years. In that time he studied art, history, linguistics, philosophy, angels and demonology…and of course, the Bible. He studied in the US, Canada, South America and Rome, Italy. He also worked with some very prominent exorcists. That experience helped him to craft the relationship between Eve and the serpent who is Lucifer, aka Satan, the so-called “god of this world”.

His fascination with the Book of Genesis and the creation stories, especially the apparent “contradictions” found therein, led him to want to understand how the first man and woman had experienced life. He decided that since Mary, the mother of Jesus Christ, figures prominently in the history of mankind’s redemption, the old or first Eve was not an irrelevant or an embarrassing distant relative but was the starting point for mankind’s history.

The Bible itself refers to Eve as “the mother of all the living”!

So, combining all his education and experience with exorcists, his love of a woman as well as roping in dinosaurs and angels, Francis wrote and produced the graphic novel “EVE”. We’re sure you’ll enjoy it! 

EVE is only the first part of a two-part graphic novel.

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Francis Testa